10 Best Redneck Fishing Hacks

Here are the top 10 redneck fishing hacks that we could find.

Want to know how to fish like a redneck and prove to all the anglers everywhere that redneck styles and techniques can help you catch fish when nothing else will?

These fishing hacks have stood the test of time: wine corks for bobbers, a pool noodle for a rod holder, or even a safety pin used for a fishing hook.

When we're looking in our tackle box for a little know how based on our best fishing "survival skills," we're also looking for that next life hack that will fool a big fish right into the boat. Along comes a few tried and true things that our most revered, down-to-earth folks have come up with over the years to make them some of the most famous fishing gurus of all: the redneck.

Here are some of the best fishing ideas that people have come up with to put a little first aid on that fishing trip and make it as successful as it can be.

1. Handgun Hook Removal

Certainly not a recommended hook removal method due to its inherently dangerous outcome, but these fellows pulled it off without a hitch.

2. Get Them Where They Live

The venerable noodlers of the world may have been the first to try fishing underwater, it's just that the only fishing gear that they use is their hands.

3. The Good Follow Through Cast

Pulling out your driver to cast your favorite bait could only be pulled off by some good-old-boy, wherever it is that he came from.

4. The Explosive Casting Technique

We don't recommend that you use fireworks to launch your lure, but if you do, these guys have a technique that works.

5. The Cordless Drill Ice Auger

Here's an idea that really works. Included in the video is a great rundown of how it works, battery life, and the drill model that makes it all go. Certainly a good, sharp auger is where it all starts.

6. Fish Fillet Cleaner

This ingenious little invention has been used by fishermen and women everywhere to wash down the days catch and get it that much closer to the dinner table.

7. Maybe The Best Bass Bait Ever?

Copenhagen not only is the chew that fits between your cheek and gum, it also makes the bass bite and hang on. You'll have to try it for yourself to see if it really works, but after watching this video, you may be a believer.

8. Eliminate Your Rival

You had better check your local game laws before trying this technique, and the blasting of cormorants from a moving boat can be inherently unsafe, but knowing how many baitfish and gamefish that these water buzzards eat, we're thinking that you may have already tried it.

9. Dashboard Minnow Aerator

There's an old saying that we just believe in: It ain't stupid if it works. If this thing will keep our bait alive and kicking all the way to the boat or the pond, then we want one.

10. Built In Rod and Gear Holder

With a truck as beautiful as that, you probably wouldn't want to drive it to your favorite fishing spot, right? Well, think again because the first thing we want to do with that setup is to show it off, and then out-fish our buddies!

When it comes to fishing line, a fishing rod, or a fishing boat, we all know how to use fishing techniques that work. Minus a little table salt or some paracord, the most simple hack is your favorite, go-to fishing lures.

When it comes to ingenuity, the folks that we all rely on the most to make things from basic everyday items might be referred to as a redneck, but as we all know, they are actually better known as genius!

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