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9 Pool Noodle Hacks for Fishing and the Outdoors

Here are a few hacks for pool noodles to help your fishing season and more.

Pool noodles seem to have thousands of uses and might be almost as handy as duct tape. Most people have already used them for some alternative application other than a pool toy.

However, have you thought about the many ways these can be added to your fishing arsenal? Check out the list below.

1. Fishing Jugs

How simple is that three knots and you’re ready to fish. Another word of advice obviously check your states regulations to verify that this style of fishing is legal.

2-3. Bait holder and slip sinker

The video below also demonstrates three uses for pool noodles. It also describes and easy way to rig a noodle as a slip bobber.

4-6. Live well, cooler, or bait bucket.

This one is my favorite. Take an old laundry basket (or in my case a new one while my wife is gone) and zip tie pool noodles to the top of it.

Image via Pintrest

Throw in some ice and your favorite beverages, and it serves as a decent cooler. It’s perfect for the days the fish aren’t cooperating or if you are just relaxing on the water. You can also adjust the size of the holes using a different close basket or drill your own smaller holes and use it for storing bait instead.

7. Porta Potty

It’s not everyone’s favorite thing to talk about, but sometimes nature calls. Take a bucket and put a trash bag in it. Cut a pool noodle to go around the top of the lid and to hold the bag in place. Saw through the bucket handle to serve as a toilet paper holder. Now you have a simple and effective travel toilet that works for on the boat or camping.


8-9. Rod Holder

You can never have to many fishing rods, but you can have not enough storage space for them. Use a pool noodle cut half way through to store your rods and keep them organized. Drill holes into a 2 x 4 like the picture below, or set them on the ground and store your rods horizontally.


What other uses can you think of? The pool noodle has near-endless possibilities.


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9 Pool Noodle Hacks for Fishing and the Outdoors