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Are These 13 Redneck Hunting Fixes Actually Genius?

Redneck tested, redneck hunting approved.

Image courtesy of White Trash Repairs
Image courtesy of White Trash Repairs

Many of you are probably old enough to remember when being called a "redneck" was an insult. While all hunters are by no means rednecks, many rednecks do in fact hunt, and there was a time when being called one was seen as derogatory.

Times have changed, however, and now many of us wear our redneck-edness with pride. Rednecks, as any will gladly tell you, are masters at fixing whatever is broken with what they have at hand. Their hunting gear is no exception, and it is with great pride that we bring you the top 14 redneck hunting fixes of all time... that actually work. While some are equipment repairs and some are fixes to bad situations, all are very redneck.

View the photos below to see the best redneck hunting fixes.

1. Blind making blinds

Image courtesy of JP Bender

For years turkey hunters have struggled with a way to not get spotted by their prey when moving positions. Turkeys have better eyesight than almost any other animal in North America, and that eyesight has protected them from many a hunter. Leave it to a redneck, however to find a way to stay mobile and invisible.

Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

2. That'll hold... right?!

Image courtesy of  Ian M Dent

What's a redneck without a truck or trailer to do?

One of the pillars of redneck-edness is the ability to work-with-what-you-have, and this is one person who has taken it to the extreme. ATV's are a great hunting resource, and this guy didn't let not having a safe way to transport it stop him from bringing it along.

3. It's only a few miles

Image via Joe Gullick 

There's nothing more heartbreaking than having car trouble on the way to, or home from, a hunt. Something as simple as flat tire has kept many a hunter out of the woods. This guy, however, came with a brilliant (albiet unsafe) solution.

Hunt on, brother

4. Recycling, and doing our part

Image courtesy of White Trash Repairs

This person didn't let a lack of funds stand in the way of a dynamite hunting strategy. Combine an old car (what redneck doesn't have one of those laying around?), some lumber and some elbow grease with a healthy dose of redneck ingenuity, and in this case you end up with a great hunting spot.

Not sure I'd actually get in it, but it at least looks cool. If you're a redneck.

5. Float tube, kinda

Image via

Who doesn't love a good early-morning waterfowl float hunt?

Now, thanks to this guy, there's no need to spend crazy money on a boat! All you need is a lawn chair, some insulation, a trolling motor, liberal amounts of duck tape, and the battery out of your wife's car!

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6. Duck hunter's haven

Image courtesy of Bird Hunting In Texas 

Floating down a river isn't the only way to hunt ducks, but oftentimes a boat is required to even get close to where you need to be to get a shot.

This guy, however, found a way to get near ducks without a boat, all while staying (mostly) dry. Genius.

7. Accessibility

Image via Touch The Top 

The camo is a dead giveaway; something this awesome had to have been built by rednecks.

If there's one thing rednecks are known for other their love for hunting and off-roading, it's their concern for their fellow man. Leave it to a redneck to invent a way for those who need help getting around to have the ability to hunt. Anywhere. At any time. In any weather.

Your redneck chariot awaits.

8. You might be a...

Image via Iscope 

Showing up your buddies is part of any rednecks DNA, and leave it to the redneck king to come up with a better way of doing it.

Not only did Jeff Foxworthy make being a redneck cool, he also invented a way to attach your cellphone to whatever you hunt with... without duct tape. Thanks Jeff.

9. Gotta get it home somehow

Image courtesy of  Blue Dragon Redneck 

In addition to the things we've already mentioned, rednecks are known for their love of hauling stuff. When you combine a love of hunting with a drive to find creative transportation solutions, you get this.

10. Yes, please, go now!

Image via Youtube 

Many of us have experienced the heartbreak of not being allowed to hunt a piece of property anymore. This redneck, however, found a creative "fix."

11. Always be prepared

Image courtesy of Continuation of Politics

Even in the woods, rednecks like to be prepared...

To be in a gun fight. Where they will run out of ammo. And then have to bayonet something. In the dark.

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12. Ingenuity

Image via Archery Talk

Many older quivers aren't built to fully contain the blades of a modern expandable broadhead. That doesn't mean, however, that you need to run out and spend good money on a new one.

Extra points to this redneck for using a SPAM can.

13. Total camo

Image courtesy of Julie McCormick 

The single biggest threat to a redneck's hunting time is the infamous "honey-do" list. This redneck invented a genius solution.

Does a nagging wife make a sound, if no one's around to hear her?

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Are These 13 Redneck Hunting Fixes Actually Genius?