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Most Valuable Life Hack: Fixing Zipper Issues

Don't throw away your clothes over a stuck zipper. 

When a zipper gets stuck, whether it be on your pants, sweatshirt, or jacket, don't despair--there's a life hack!

Bet you didn't know you could use that pencil on the table to help get your zipper working again.

Check it out.

If your zipper is stuck, use a pencil to transfer graphite into the teeth. It acts as a natural lubricant to get the zipper pull sliding again. If the pencil hack doesn't work then try some other lubricants like petroleum, olive oil, or soap.

The next hack is for a zipper that comes undone from the bottom. Try using the graphite from a pencil again. If one of the zipper teeth are out of line, it can be readjusted using pliers.

If the sliding mouth of the zipper becomes too wide, which it does over time, you can pinch it tighter with pliers. This will make your zipper slide easier and faster.

A broken zipper pull can be replaced by a key ring or a paper clip and if your pants zipper is not holding your fly up, then maybe it's time for a new pair...or a diet.

But try these hacks and keep that favorite sweatshirt around longer!

Share this with your friend whose fly is somehow always down. They may be having some zipper issues.


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Most Valuable Life Hack: Fixing Zipper Issues