I Wanted to See How Far Doomsday Preppers Could Go: Here Are 19 Answers I Got

Doomsday preppers are a sophisticated bunch with a tremendous resolve, but sometimes they go a little overboard... or do they?

To exist in the world of the preppers, sometimes you have to stay a little ahead of the next guy or get caught with your pack-ratting pants down.

While it's definitely not a game the fun is in the fact that some get a little caught up in the process and forget what the end result is supposed to be.

Here's 19 cases where the prepper got more then they bargained for... maybe.

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1. Family preppers

A perfect example of doing it the right way.

2. ATV prepper

When offroading and prepping go hand-in-hand.

3. Dream shelter

We all need a place to stay, but we can't all have the facility from Resident Evil.

4. Extreme multi-generational prepper

When you try to push the kids way too far getting them ready.

5. Family preppers, part II

When you just want to make sure everything fits.

6. Looters welcome

A great attitude for sure, but prep for trouble not look for it.

7. Too much technology

When your scope is bigger than your handgun.

8. Huge handgun I

If you can't get one in each hand...

9. When you're saving the wrong stuff

Food is food, but...

10. When you're saving the right stuff

When you just can't choose, so you grab them all.

11. One can of ammo isn't enough

When you can swim in your own ammo then you have enough... maybe.

12. Huge handgun, part II


When gold plated doesn't matter, but you have to have it anyway.

13. Getting the right bug out bag

When your bug out bag just isn't big enough.

14. Concealed carry preppers

When you just cant carry enough concealed.

15. Shooting range preppers

When she's a little too amped up to help.

16. Saving the right stuff, part II

When you just can't stop that feeling that it's not enough yet.

17. Sweet, sweet (ammo) dreams

When you just don't feel safe in your own bed.

18. Too much prep

Forget it, there's no such thing as too much prep.

19. When you're saving the wrong stuff, part II

Still, if you're going to live you may as well have some stuff that you like.

Preppers are a unique breed and we can learn a lot from them. Trying to live in a world where every other little country has a dopey little despot ruler with a gun can be daunting at times. Here's to prepping the right way and teaching our families the ins-and-outs of saving for a rainy day.

You never know, some of the folks pictured here just might know something we don't... or do they?