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How to Make Your Own Holiday Gifts for the Preppers You Love

Don’t sweat this holiday season. Here is how to make your own holiday gifts for the peppers you love.

In case you forgot, peppers like things to be simple, lightweight, and extremely practical. A few things that are on the top of the list for survival are food, protection, water and shelter.

If you want to get the preppers you know the perfect holiday gifts, be sure to think of items pertaining to those categories. Trust me, another DVD or the latest video game is not going to impress them very much.

Here are some ideas that you can create all by yourself this holiday season.

Solar Cooker

Since food preparation is on every pepper’s mind, one great gift idea is a solar cooker. They are totally awesome and fairly easy to make. Here is a video of a more technical design below.


If a solar cooker is too big of a project for you to undergo then lets scale it down a bit. Hunting and protection are always of the utmost importance. So, making a simple weapon such as a slingshot would make a great gift that could easily be stashed in a bug-out-bag.

Here is a great video showing you have to make a quality high powered slingshot.

Water Filter

Aside from food and protection, water is something that is impossible to go without. Sure, technically you can drink out of any water source you find, but you chance of illness increase dramatically as water quality decreases. So, something along the lines of water purification/treatment shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here is a great DIY way to create a water purification system on the cheap!

DIY Hammock

Now that we have cover food, protection and water. Lets take a look at a great option for creating an emergency shelter you could use as a gift idea this holiday season.

Remember, items like this still need to fit into a bug-out-bag for emergency situations. This is why a hammock can make a great gift idea.

Check out the video below to see how you can create a hammock completely out of 550 paracord!

There you go guys. Those are a few great gift ideas for this holiday season that are sure to make the lonely prepper in your family super happy. These DIY holiday gifts cover all the necessary aspects of prepping: food, protection, water, and shelter. Be sure to give one of these gift ideas a try.

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How to Make Your Own Holiday Gifts for the Preppers You Love