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9 Movie Scenes Where Military Weapons Are the Boss [VIDEO]

Here are 9 unforgettable ways that the movies used our favorite military weapons.

There have been many ways in which film makers have used weaponry in the movies. Each of us has our own particular favorite. Which one is yours?

1. "Enemy At The Gates"

In this fact-based account of the WWII battle of Stalingrad, comrade Danilov (Joseph Fiennes) asks his friend Vassili (Jude Law), "Do you know how to shoot?" He hands him his rifle and the rest is history.

WARNING: Graphic


2. "Apocalypse Now"

"Do you know who's in charge here?" asks Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) to one of the only soldiers left to defend the Do Long bridge.

As he finds out, it's the M79 grenade launcher.


3. "Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World"

Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) has been chasing the French vessel, Acheron. He turns the tables on his French counterpart and brings his quarry to him by pretending to be a whaling ship. When the Acheron closes in for the kill, Captain Aubrey brings his guns to bear.


4. "The Hunt For Red October"

I can't even imagine trying to have a gunfight where you can't see your enemy; submarine warfare is like that. Eventually it's the technology and the men who control it that will win or lose the day. In this scene of "playing chicken," shooting at each other, and making a submarine fly, you get a little of everything.


5. "Saving Private Ryan"

When a German sniper starts taking down Captain John Miller's (Tom Hanks) handpicked squad of fighting men, ace sniper Jackson (Barry Pepper) lines him up in the crosshairs and takes care of business.

WARNING: Graphic


6. "True Lies"

There's no doubt that there is a lot we have to believe in this scene, but then that's why we go to the movies in the first place. Have fun watching one of the best ways ever to kill the bad guy(s).


7. "Full Metal Jacket"

For everyone out there who had the nerve to call a rifle a gun.


8. "Platoon"

Does this scene depict an episode of "fragging" or is it simply an eye for an eye? I'm not sure if it was the director's intent, but notice that Taylor (Charlie Sheen) kills Barnes (Tom Berenger) with an AK-47, the weapon of the enemy, not an American rifle.

WARNING: Graphic


9. "Predator"

This may be the best scene ever where nothing actually gets killed. If it has Arnold in it, then we want to watch it. Over and over.

Note that once Mac (Bill Duke) screams "Contact!" the rest of the fighters open fire without a second thought eventually causing Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to utter the iconic line:

"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

We believe you, Arnold.


Sometimes graphic and sometimes even funny, movies with military weapons are made to entertain us and make us question war. They show us how battles were won or lost and even why they are even fought.

Science fiction or reality, they still make us think.

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9 Movie Scenes Where Military Weapons Are the Boss [VIDEO]