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Bathroom-Break Spider Bite Disables Woman, What it Did to Her Ex Will Make Your Skin Crawl

An English mother of four needed surgery after a toilet break spider bite that caught her ex-boyfriend with his pants down as well!

Lauren Boddy, a mother of four from Reading, was bitten on her leg by a spider while sitting and taking a bathroom break. As with many folks, she didn't give it much thought until the next day when she was stymied by agonizing pain.

Boddy said,

"I could barely put any weight on the leg. It was really bizarre. I've never seen anything like it in my life"

The bite caused her multiple trips to the hospital where doctors first prescribed antibiotics, and then surgery for the 10 centimeter deep bite. Being that Ms. Boddy was hospitalized the second time, her now ex-boyfriend Luke was home watching her kids when he ultimately needed a bathroom break.

He was hospitalized as well after being bitten on his testicles.

After being bitten again a few weeks later, the mother from Reading was again rushed to the hospital to have another bite wound repaired. This time was almost worse.

Boddy exclaimed,

"This time, surgeons had to take a chunk of skin from my lower back, even removed some of my tattoo. I was gutted"

Finally, she spotted something lurking on an outfit she was thinking about wearing and was able to trap it under a water glass. The eight-legged freak in question: a woodlouse spider.

Boddy took care of it the way any good mother would by pounding it with her slipper. Since that time she has not had any more bite issues saying "I know it sounds cruel, if I see any spider now I kill them. It horrifies me. I'm worried they'll come back"

There is no further word on the the toll it took on the ex-boyfriend, but after seeing the wound suffered by Ms. Boddy one can only wonder.