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Apparently Flushing This Toilet Opens a Portal to Hell

Even the world’s longest flushing toilet couldn’t erase this monster from history. What do you do next?

Remember all those times when you flushed and a big, black spider came blowing out from under the rim? Ever see one circle the bowl like that and refuse to go down? This particular spider looks like it’s eyeing the guy that flushed him and is planning its revenge.

After watching this, you’ll never sit down without looking again.

Can you imagine what that thing might attach itself to if you were sitting there?!

If there was ever a reason to videotape your toilet flushing, this is it. This is entertaining due to the fact that it’s his toilet and not ours, but having said that we’ll look every time now forever.

Even holding the handle and letting the water flow didn’t do any good, in fact it probably just pissed that big arachnid off. What’s next, a homemade flamethrower, or just move out and cut your losses?



Here’s What You Get When You Mess with a Big Spider

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Apparently Flushing This Toilet Opens a Portal to Hell