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Toronto Man Gets the Wakeup Call of His Life by a Bat in the Toilet [PICS]

Michael Connor via

A bat in the toilet began a Toronto man’s day with a start when he found the small mammal swimming in his commode.

When Michael Conner woke up on August 18, 2015 he was starting his day as many of us do with a trip to the bathroom.

Little did he know that when he lifted the lid on his toilet he would be greeted by the surprise of his life: a bat was swimming in it.

“I don’t have a sense of whether he was suicidal, delinquent or just having a really bad end of the night,” said Connor.

Wildlife/Ohio DNR
Wildlife/Ohio DNR

Connor went on to detail the removal of the bat saying that he gently lifted it out of the toilet and into a bucket as it started to make noise.

He then ushered the diminutive mammal -in the bucket- to a nearby shady window and placed it on the screen.

“He pretty quickly oriented himself head down and was spreading his wings and vocalizing when I left him,” said Connor.

When he checked on the bat a few hours later it was gone; Connor lamented that there was “no sign of my bat friend.”

The rest of us will be now checking the toilet every time.

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Toronto Man Gets the Wakeup Call of His Life by a Bat in the Toilet [PICS]