The 15 Greatest Boat Wraps We Could Find

Here are 15 of the best boat wraps that your hard-earned money can buy.

From California to Florida, and anywhere in between where hard-working folks take to the water for some boating fun, you can find the inimitable boat wrap. These high quality, graphic design gelcoat and vinyl wrap boat graphics are what put bass boats on a level playing field with speed boats.

Industry leaders in custom wraps will create a design team that make fishing boat wraps the envy of everyone on the pier or at the launch. These full wrap, wicked graphic designs have a life span on your watercraft for up to seven years or longer, making them comparable to a marine paint job, and actually, a vinyl wrap is more fade-resistant than paint.

A vinyl boat wrap can be reversed with no damage to the underlying surface, provided that surface was in a good, sound condition when the vinyl was applied. You should know, however, that removing a vinyl wrap can be quite time consuming, especially if the vinyl has been on there for a long time.

Generally, a custom boat wrap can be around $1,500-$1,800, making the average cost about $7.50 per square foot. Professional wrap installers and wrap specialists can have a boat wrap-ready in no time, making your dream boat into an actual dream in no time.

Just so you have a place to start, here are 15 over-the-top designs that will get your creative juices flowing and give you an idea for your local dealer when you decide to take the plunge!

1. Reel Knotty

2. Tarpon Hauler

3. Camo Killer

4. Neon Madness

5. Impossible to Decide

6. Killer Shark

7. Saltwater Dream

8. Tank Commander

9. Rage Tail

10. Snake Skin

11. Custom Darcizzle Offshore

12. Bass Hunter

13. Skeleton Scar

14. Money Pit

15. Hungry

There are countless boat wraps that could be yours for the asking. You could have a classic style such as your favorite fish, or even go with art elements like a checker board or a gorgeous sunset.

This amazing alternative to looking at your boat the way that you bought it comes at a reasonably affordable price when you think of the countless hours of pleasure riding in your favorite watercraft while watching the eyes bug out of all those you pass by!

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