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VIDEO: Which of These Hunters Will Outdo the Other?

Here's a hilarious take on who has the best hunting skills as decided by a couple of dudes who may have none at all.

When Pennsylvania native, Rut Daniels, meets a South Georgia good 'Ol boy by the name of Pitts it's time to determine who it is that has the hunting skills it takes to out-shoot the other, and the answer is a resounding slap on the knee.

All things in perspective, whenever two or more hunters get together, someone, at some point, is going to take the bull by the horns and express why they are the best bowhunter out there, and these two are no different.

When the (Catchin' Deers) dude from Pennsylvania who goes by the moniker "Ruts" meets a "southern gentleman" like Pitts, it's on! Can you bust a chickadees knee caps at 28? That's just one of the bragging rights made in this farcical take on hunting at its best.

It doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong when it finally comes down to lunch, does it?

We all eventually go to the individual digs, and these two are no different from, "have you ever had a haircut" to "take that silly soup-strainer off your face."

You know you're the best of hunting buddies when it gets personal! Now go and tag your hunting partner because you know that a good argument just makes the both of you hungry.

In all seriousness, it looked like a couple of good guys having a fun time at the ATA show. We are more inclined to listen to a hilarious conversation like that than the drivel on most of the popular American TV shows these days. You can't increase your chance of Booners, but at least you'll get several good laughs.

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