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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Walther PPS M2

The Walther PPS M2 is here to stay so you may as well know everything it has to offer.

Walther Arms is "redefining concealed carry" by giving us everything we could want in a compact handgun, including their "legendary lifetime warranty." Now with the Walther PPS M2 9MM, concealed carry just got a brand new friend.

The "slim profile, push button magazine release, and smooth trigger pull" are only the beginning. With all models coming with two magazines; the LE Edition model with three, this firearm may just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship for those who choose concealed carry in their life.

In fact, the PPS M2 is so very thin—the ultimate for said concealed carry—they made a short video to prove their point:

First, let's get technical. I'm no firearms expert and I don't own a Walther—it's even been a while since I fired one—but you never forget the smooth trigger mechanism or the lightweight feel in your hand.

The base model PPS M2 9MM pistol is 3.18-inches long at the barrel with an overall length of 6.3-inches. Empty, its weight comes in at 21.1-ounces with a 6.1-pound trigger pull and a diminutive, barely-there, one-inch width for that time when concealed carry is needed the most.

As a hidden carry gun, the PPS M2 acts like a much bigger handgun than it is for its size. The PPS M2 comes ready to go in a foam-lined hard case including a chamber flag, detailed instruction manual, and a DOJ approved gun lock with two keys.

The low-profile steel dot sights give an immediate target acquisition making finding the mark multiple times a thing of ease. The "aggressive, non-slip, cross directional surface" of the grip makes handling the PPS M2 a dream.

Walther Arms

The slide stop and mag release button are strategically placed for ease of operation, including for those who prefer to wear gloves.

The new PPS M2 comes in five versions:

1. PPS M2

2. PPS M2 Le Edition (with phosphoric sights and three magazines)


4. PPS M2 Laser

5. PPS M2 W/XS F8 Night Sights

Overall this is a great gun and the customer reviews back it up. With Carl Walther signature ergonomics this semi-automatic firearm is at the very least worth trying on the range and then adding to your wishlist.

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