#WhitetailWednesday: 15 of the Wildest and Strangest Deer Videos of 2017

These are some of the craziest deer videos we saw in 2017.

The internet is an amazing thing. And because of it we saw some really amazing pieces of deer video this year.

For today's #WhitetailWednesday, we're compiling some of the wildest and strangest videos we saw this year.

Some are funny, some are sad. All are pretty interesting. These are the kind of things we might not have believed had there not been video to prove it.

15. Game warden uses his handgun to free a locked-up buck

The Kansas Game Wardens have freed no fewer than four bucks from unfortunate locked-antler situations since last November. This video was the clearest of the three they released. One of these bucks is already dead. Thankfully, this warden's well-placed shot saves the other from a similar fate.

14. Group of deer plummet to their death off a bridge

This type of incident happens more often than one might realize. But this is the first time we know of that it was captured on video. This tragic video shows the horrific moment terrified deer make the mistake of leaping off a bridge that is just too high.

13. Black bear swipes a hunter's deer

This one made headlines in Michigan when John Wardynski encountered a bear during Michigan's firearm season that wasn't hibernating yet. Not only wasn't it hibernating but the bruin stole the buck John shot that morning. He caught the whole incident on video for the world to see.

12. Sleeping doe

Who hasn't heard jokes about a hunter asleep in their stand when the deer come by? Well, this video shows one of the rare times the tables are turned. This New Hampshire hunter caught a doe fast asleep. Her reaction when she realizes what is sneaking up on her is simply priceless!

11. Deer fight Texas floodwaters

Hurricane Harvey had a huge impact on humans, but it affected animals too. No video better illustrates that than this video of a bunch of Texas deer fighting the raising floodwaters that displaced them. We can only hope they knew how to deal with this disaster and found some high ground.

10. Snart

You have to see and hear it to believe it. This is why you want to buy a trail camera that catches video AND audio!

9. Paint store buck

We had to have a deer in a building video on this list and this buck that ran through a paint store in Pennsylvania back in June was one of the best videos of this kind that we saw all year.

8. Hunter pokes buck with broadhead

It is not often a hunter has an encounter with a whitetail that is this up close and personal. This hunter got close enough to this buck to poke it with one of his arrows!

7. Couch potato

It is rare to see a deer sleeping, but it's rarer to run across a deer that is using furniture!

6. Using a chainsaw to free two bucks

These guys jump right in and get their hands dirty to pull this buck to shore and then chainsaw its antlers to free it from its dead sparring partner. They were lucky this buck was so tuckered out from its predicament!

5. Buck tries to rub velvet on a man

This buck was obviously confused since he seems to have mistaken a human for a tree. Wisconsin resident Dave Bernarde filmed this young buck trying to rub his antlers. The only problem was he was trying to rub them on Dave's leg!

4. Thunderstorm buck

This is one of the coolest pieces of trail camera footage we've seen this year. There's a massive thunderstorm roaring in the background, but this buck doesn't seem phased at all! Be sure to turn up the sound, you can hear just how loud the thunder was that night.

3. All-out brawl

Who doesn't love watching a good-old fashioned buck fight? This is one of the more intense ones we saw captured on video this year. One doesn't actually witness a fight this long and rough too often.

2. Lynx tries to steal deer

Just because you've got your harvest back at camp, that doesn't mean it's safe from forest predators. These hunters were surprised to find a hungry lynx making a snack of their deer!

1. Deer catapulted into sheriff's deputy's car

One of the scariest car-deer collision videos we saw this year. This deer gets hit by another car and is launched into a sheriff's deputy's vehicle. Unbelievably, the deer got up and ran off after this hit!

There you have it, 15 of the wildest and strangest deer videos of 2017. It really was a crazy year. But we can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!