Gary Reed/YouTube

Video: Hungry Lynx Chows Down on Harvested Deer at Hunt Camp

"We left the deer for two minutes..."

The lynx is an opportunistic feeder that's willing to cut in line for a fresh meal it has to. That was certainly the case for this brazen feline, who took a fancy to a harvested deer before the blood had even cooled.

Gary Reed posted the following clip to his YouTube channel earlier this month, showing one of these furry thieves doing what they do best.

"It's deer season and we were successful. We didn't get the deer out of the bush and hung until dark. Cleaning up some tools we left the deer for 2 minutes and when we came back an adult Lynx was happily munching away on our kill. This is not the first year we have seen this Lynx come to our deer hanging party. We're going to have to give him a name."

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Here's the video:

First rule of hunt camp: never turn your back on your deer.

If you listen closely, you can hear the lynx growling at the end of the video. You'd probably be a little upset if someone rudely interrupted your dinner, too.

"The Lynx was about 20 feet in the bushes there at the end while we gutted the deer, and it was just howling ...certainly wasn't afraid of us," Gary added.

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