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Pair of Lynx Get Into a Verbal Dispute in Maine

lynx fight
YouTube: Sarah Verney

Which of these feisty felines will be the first to back down?

Lynx are pretty cool creatures. Similar to humans, they like to engage in the odd stare down, grumble at each other, and when they're outgunned, wisely know when to walk away. And what's not to love about those stubby little tails?

Sarah Verney was fortunate to stumble across this vocal pair of lynx while traveling down a dirt road near Kokadjo, Maine. You be the judge: territorial dispute or female in heat?

Or as one clever YouTube commenter wrote, "discussing the Game of Thrones season finale I bet."

Here's the cool clip:

That's one sound you certainly wouldn't want to wake up to in the middle of the night! Yikes!

Just goes to show you that even in nature, disputes can be settled without resorting to fisticuffs. At least some of the time that is.

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Pair of Lynx Get Into a Verbal Dispute in Maine