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Body Cam Captures Kansas Game Warden Freeing Two Locked Bucks With His Glock

Facebook: Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism - Game Wardens

A game warden uses a gun to save a deer's life. 

When the rut is officially in full swing and the bucks are starting to fight over does, things can get a little hairy in the hunting woods. And sometimes, unfortunately, deer end up in a life-or-death struggle when two bucks lock antlers.

You may remember years ago when we shared some footage of a Kansas game warden freeing two locked bucks with his Glock handgun.

Well, it happened again, shortly thereafter! Watch the full rescue of a locked buck in the video below.

Sharp shooting

Cold fronts and pressure changes mean fall is here and so is the deer rut. Today our Clark County Warden responded to 2 bucks with their antlers locked together. One of the bucks had died and was half eaten by coyotes. The second buck would have soon fallen prey to the coyotes, if he was not freed from the expired buck. The video is from our Game Warden's body worn camera.

Posted by Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism - Game Wardens on Friday, October 27, 2017

The game warden captured this body camera footage in Clark County last Friday and the Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism Facebook page says coyotes had already partially consumed the second buck before the warden arrived.

It's a shame the predicament of these locked bucks wasn't discovered before one of the deer had already died.

Considering the video we shared earlier this year was that warden's second time freeing locked bucks with a Glock, and we now have this video, we're wondering if freeing locked bucks is standard training now for Kansas Game Wardens?

We didn't get the name of the officer, but congratulations on some fine shooting officer!



Body Cam Captures Kansas Game Warden Freeing Two Locked Bucks With His Glock