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Deer Goes Shopping in Pennsylvania Paint Store, Can't Find a Color He Likes


This buck nearly takes out the owner of this paint store!

Deer-in-a-building videos are a little rarer in the spring and summer months when the animals aren't all rut-crazed and totally reckless. But every once in a while you get a good one in the summer months.

Watch this buck crash through the window of the Gleco Paint Store in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. The buck narrowly misses colliding with the owner of the store as it crashes through the window!

You've got to love the bewildered look of the guy behind the counter about 14 seconds in. Owner Steven Gleason was talking to a customer when the deer unexpectedly showed up. He's definitely lucky the buck didn't land on him. Employee Michael Gleason first thought someone threw something through the window.

"It's nuts. Definitely unexpected," he told WNEP 16 News. "I was expecting a rock to be in the store, not a deer so it was definitely unexpected. I mean you hear of a bull in a China shop. I guess deer in a paint store is the next thing that could happen."

Apparently the buck didn't like any of the colors they had for sale, because he then showed himself out through the front door. Thankfully for the store, the only damage was to a window.

That's definitely a day the employees at Gleco Paint won't forget any time soon.

On another note, did you notice the nice antler growth the buck had for it only being June 1? He looks like he's going to be a nice one come hunting season!


Deer Goes Shopping in Pennsylvania Paint Store, Can't Find a Color He Likes