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Deer Jump Off Bridge to Their Deaths in Viral Video

deer jump off bridge
Facebook: Cat Veerhusen

Why did these small herd of deer jump into the unknown?

These spooked deer took a plunge off a high bridge and unfortunately fell to their deaths.

The incident happened near Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2017, and you can audibly hear the gasps from the recorders as it unfolds.

Watch the video below:

Could you imagine driving along and seeing something like this?

Catherine Veerhusen shared video footage and photos on her Facebook page, garnering interest and a report from the Des Moines Register.

This picture is the horrific aftermath of the fall. The height off the side of the bridge must've resulted in instant death for the whitetails. There was little hope of survival after jumping off.

The story of the deer leap to the death began trending

What caused these deer to make the worst decision ever? Did traffic have them so spooked that they didn't realize where they were?

It was likely a combination of the rutting season, a busy roadway, and added panic on the part of the animal thanks to deer hunting activity. A conservation officer from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources observed the new construction going on in the new area, which could have led to disorientation.

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Deer Jump Off Bridge to Their Deaths in Viral Video