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Video: Men Rescue Locked Buck Fighting For Its Life in the River

Jason Atherton/Facebook

We love to see these stories of human compassion.

Unfortunately, when a pair of bucks lock antlers, it often results in a vice-like hold that simply won't budge. As a result, both lives are often lost in a slow and utterly excruciating death. A lucky few do manage to break free unaided, but it's often because of human intervention that these bucks are given another day to live.

Here's a cool story out of Illinois that took place on Nov. 3. According to a Facebook post by Jason Atherton, he along with Mitch Atherton, Matt Warner and Mike Warner came across a pair of locked-up bucks in a river. One of the whitetails, a truly impressive buck, had already expired.

Like the true sportsmen they are, they came up with a plan to free the surviving buck.

Watch the video below:

locked buck

It makes you wonder how long this battle lasted, with the smaller buck dragging the dead weight of that bigger brute around.

Awesome job on the rescue, guys!

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Video: Men Rescue Locked Buck Fighting For Its Life in the River