bull elk

Nevada Fish Biologist Uses Shotgun to Free Locked Elk

Things were looking grim for these bull elk, until a sharp-shooting fish biologist stepped in to save the day.

A pair of bull elk, antlers locked for days, were in dire need of help March 20 near Wendover, Nevado. The elk were discovered by local residents out shed hunting, who notified the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Only problem was, no wildlife biologists or rangers were in the Elko office to help.

Jacob Stoller, a fish biologist who specializes in cutthroat trout, was the only staff available that day - and being a life-long hunter - he decided to follow up with the call. Gathering two other fish biologists, the threesome headed out to the mountainous region and eventually found the elk in distress.

Due to the health of the animals, the use of tranquilizers was not an option. Their only hope would be shooting apart the antlers. So Stoller grabbed his shotgun, loaded it with a slug, and fired. (Brings back memories of this great story we brought you last year. CLICK HERE to watch that rescue video.)

Here's the cool rescue video:

The third shot was the lucky one for Stoller, after the first missed and the second only nicked a tine. Pretty good accuracy if you ask us!

Nice to see these elk have a second lease at life. And what a great story for Stoller to tell once he gets back to the office.

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