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Close Encounter of the Bull Elk Kind

Go figure. Head out on a deer hunt only to have a big old bull elk get right in your face!

It's always the case, isn't it? You head out on a hunt chasing one animal, only to have another show up instead. And for Kevin Clegg of Iowa, that 'other' animal happened to be a big old bull elk mere feet from his face.

The awesome action all went down the morning of September 30. And as you'll see, this bull elk was one curious fella - that is until it finally sussed out the situation.

Here's the video: 

How's that for getting close? We bet Clegg could smell the stale breath on that magnificent animal!

It's always amazing to watch how effortlessly these big bulls can move through the forest with their gigantic racks. This guy is no exception.

This story reminds us of another video we featured, showing a curious cow moose befriending a hunter in a blind. It's a must-see clip that can be found here.

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Close Encounter of the Bull Elk Kind