Infrared Helicopter Footage Shows Intense Bull Elk and Wolf Pack Scene

Incredible aerial footage shows a wolf pack moving in on an already wounded bull elk. This is the reality of nature.

Nature isn't always pretty, and if truth be told, each day is spent simply trying to survive. As this incredible footage attests to, being an elk in a land of wolves is risky business, and for this big bull, he found out that lesson the hard way.

Shot with a camera-equipped helicopter belonging to Two Bear Air Rescue, the scene starts with some blood-soaked snow and a bull elk standing still in a shallow stream. It's obvious he has been attacked, but by whom? The picture quickly becomes clear once the camera pans out and switches over to infrared.

There would be no rescuing this Montana bull elk during this mission, and sadly - as the video shows - he almost seems to have reluctantly accepted his fate.

Although we're not privy to what happens next - and maybe that's a good thing - it's fairly obvious that those four wolves moved in to finish the job once the chopper left the scene.

Nature can definitely be cruel, but that's a fact of life when you live in the woods.