elk calf
YouTube: Ilya K

Elk Calf Tries to Escape Wolf and Grizzly While Stranded in Canadian River

For this wet elk calf, having one predator in hot pursuit is bad enough luck, but two?!

A group of cyclists peddling through Lake Louise, Alberta, came across an incredible scene of survival, showcasing the life-and-death struggles wild animals endure each and every day. It doesn't seem fair but that's nature.

The scene begins with a young elk stranded in the fast current of a river, all the while with a wolf mere feet away on shore. That's when a grizzly bear shows up, entering the water from the opposite bank, with its eyes on an easy prize. Or so it thinks.

What follows is an edge-of-the-seat cat-and-mouse game, all orchestrated in the raging river. Who would you put your money on as the eventual winner?

The distress calls from the elk were a little hard to listen to. So was the exuberant laughter coming from the bridge. We hope those were just nerves and not regales of delight.

Although the outcome isn't known from this video, the original poster did make the following note on his YouTube channel:

"When the video starts the baby elk is about to be wounded by the wolf but gets away and some distance. Soon after hearing the baby Elk crying the grizzly bear decides to go after the baby elk and no regard for eloquence or the wolf. At the end of the video the elk gains some distance but ends up on shore with wolf waiting on the train tracks and the grizzly bear eventually catching up. Not sure exactly who wins but its definitely not the elk."

It didn't look good for the elk from the get-go. We just hope the end came quick and without much suffering.