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Would You Be This Calm During a Staredown with a Grizzly?

grizzly with cubs

As every outdoorsman knows you don’t mess with a grizzly with cubs. 

Thankfully, the man in this video didn’t mess with them. What made this situation extra tense was that he had his daughters with him! As you are about to see, the trio walking through the British Columbia wilderness, accidently happened upon the grizzly with cubs and didn’t realize it. The father had a gun and was obviously ready to use it. However, a calm head and a cool hand prevailed, and everyone walked away unharmed.

Would you be able to stay that calm in the face of a grizzly with cubs with your own kids in tow? I have to believe most wouldn’t. The bear did take a few aggressive steps in the family’s direction, but it was just a bluff. This situation could have gotten ugly in a hurry.

If you remember, just last week, this video hit the Internet, and many said the man shouldn’t have shot. However, when your life is on the line and you are playing staredown with a grizzly, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Good on you dad, for being a great dad. That’s a memory those girls will never forget.


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Would You Be This Calm During a Staredown with a Grizzly?