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Mother Nature Shows Her Cruel Side as a Buck Gores a Dead Buck with Rack


Sometimes this time of the year the best decoy is a dead buck? That was the case here for the Drurys.

Come November, the whitetail woods is a wild place. Deer movement increases, buck testosterone rises, does are in heat, and you will witness things that you won't see the other 11 months of the year. This encounter is pretty neat and shows just how cruel Mother Nature can be.

Seeing your animal fall from the spot you shot is always a blessing and a rush. Emotions and adrenaline run high and you follow that up with walking out to check out your harvest. Usually a few phone calls and text in between is all that takes place. On Terry Drury's hunt on this whitetail, that wasn't the case.

A busted-up buck comes in to try and challenge the dead deer to a fight. You won't want to miss this rare footage.

With the buck postured up and goring the dead buck, you can already tell he is an aggressive minded deer. The multiple tines he had busted off are a sure enough sign to prove that assessment as well.

You can hunt for a really long time and harvest many deer in your career, but a sight like this is very unlikely.

We are just glad the Drurys had the cameras rolling to catch that awesome encounter.

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Mother Nature Shows Her Cruel Side as a Buck Gores a Dead Buck with Rack