moose-riding stunt

Men in Viral Moose-Riding Stunt Convicted and Fined $8,000

Moose-riding stunt nets pair of British Columbia men fines totaling $8,000.

We first brought you the story of a viral moose-riding stunt in July 2016, although the offense took place two years earlier. In the video, which was quickly removed from Facebook - but saved by the group Wolftracker TV - shows a group of men approaching a swimming cow moose by boat, with one male eventually jumping on the back of the animal before falling off seconds later. You can read all the details of the original story here, but here's the video again:

Initially charged under the B.C. Wildlife Act with harassing wildlife using a boat, attempting to capture wildlife, and hunting big game that was swimming, the two men - Jaysun Pinkerton and Bradley Crook, from Fort St. John, B.C., - were eventually convicted of harassing wildlife with a judgment rendered on March 3. The two other charges were dropped.

Both Pinkerton and Crook have been ordered to pay fines totaling $8,000. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Fine - $2,000 each
  • Fine - $2,000 each (Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation)
  • Additional Victims Surcharge Payment

The video created an uproar when it first surfaced in June 2015, with the B.C. Conservation Officer Service being inundated with complaints, which helped launch an investigation and ultimately resulted in charges being laid.