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Two Men Charged for Disgraceful Moose Riding Stunt

A year after the video went viral, two men have now been charged for their disgraceful moose riding stunt.

Two men from Fort St. John, British Columbia, have been charged with numerous offences under the Wildlife Act after a video shot a year ago showed one riding a moose. The video, posted first to a Facebook profile but quickly removed, was saved by the group Wolftracker TV. A complaint was lodged and an investigation launched.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows a number of men pursuing a cow moose in a boat while it runs in the shallow waters of Tuchodi Lakes. Laughter can be heard as they gain ground, at which point one man jumps from the bow and rides the moose for a few seconds before falling off.

The two men, who have not been named, have been charged with three counts, including harassing wildlife with the use of a boat, attempting to capture wildlife and hunting big game that is swimming. Penalties for harassing wildlife can range from $345 to $100,000.

The men are to appear in court next on August 8.



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Two Men Charged for Disgraceful Moose Riding Stunt