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Stunning Bull Moose Footage Will Get Anyone's Blood Pumping

This video capture of an Alaskan bull moose is absolutely stunning!

We've seen our fair share of moose footage over the years. Most of it get us pretty pumped up. This video clip, which Kathleen Barth shot, might just take the cake for the coolest out there, though.

First off, this moose is a brute! Good luck trying to count all those points! But, the real "eye-popping" treat is when this big boy begins showing tree trunks who's boss. Talk about sheer power!

Turn up your speakers and get ready for one heck of a snort!

Here's the video:

Pretty impressive, right? We're guessing Barth had a fairly significant telephoto lens, because getting close to this bad boy might not be the best idea.

This reminds us of another epic moose video, when two bruisers went head-to-toe in an all-out battle. You can salivate over that clip here.

You can see more of Kathleen Barth's remarkable work by visiting her website.

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