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Epic In-Your-Face Alaskan Bull Moose Battle

Grab some popcorn and get comfy - this epic Alaskan bull moose battle is guaranteed to thrill!

A rutting bull moose epitomizes sheer strength and intensity. They are also considered one of the most dangerous animals in North America. This epic video, shot by Brian Watkins on the evening of September 13, is an in-your-face thrill that is guaranteed to get the heart pounding.

Filmed along the Anchorage Powerline Trail, the meeting of these two bruiser moose came as a result of Watkins trying a cow call. It didn't take long for two combatants to get in the mood to fight - in a monumental battle that lasted 15 minutes long.

Here is what Watkins posted to his Facebook page the night he filmed this footage: "I cannot wait to post tonights video of an intense moose fight 5 feet from me. It was the best one I've ever seen!! I have been photographing moose with the legend Gottfried Esch (a new lifelong friend) for the last two weeks. Tonight we came feet away from a fight between two 65" bulls. Words cannot describe how amazing the intensity and adrenaline was. This state is heaven. Live where you love."

How many of you would have stayed so close to the action? Hard call for me, but I'm sure glad Watkins did!

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Epic In-Your-Face Alaskan Bull Moose Battle