Bull Moose
YouTube/Bonne Chasse

Man Dangerously Antagonizes Giant Bull Moose at Close Range

This "hunter" artfully demonstrates true stupidity.

An ethical hunter respects the game he or she pursues. Harassing or interfering with any wild animal does not fall under the code most of us adhere to. Unless we are taking a shot at the animal, we are content to peacefully observe from a distance. And maybe take a few photographs or some video to remember the experience.

That's why the following clip not only highlights pure stupidity; it also demonstrates how not to act in the field.

Not wanting to give anything away, here's the video for you to judge yourself.

There would be nothing wrong with this clip if he intended to harvest the animal. But luring a moose to within inches, only to smack it in the antlers then let out a bark is, well, just plain idiotic. In truth, he's probably lucky to be alive. This moose could have stomped him into oblivion had it wished to do so. We're not so sure they would be laughing after that. Instead, they'd be a headline on that evening's news broadcasts. And probably few people would feel sorry for him either.

In my view, as someone who wants to show hunting in a positive light, it's behaviors such as this that give anti-hunters the ammunition they need.

The people who produced the video did state this in writing:

Warning, do not try this with wild animals. Their actions and reactions are unpredictable and sometimes dangerous to humans.

We can't help but feel like maybe they should listened to their own advice in this case. At the very least, at least the moose was unharmed. Although probably made much more wary of humans after an encounter like this.