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Listen and be Amazed at These Wildlife Calls From a Youngster's Natural Voice

wildlife calls

This young man has an amazing ability to mimic any number of wildlife calls with nothing more than his own voice. He's got talent and a good message.

Blake Beaver is a young man with an enviable talent. He is able to make wildlife calls using only his mouth and vocal cords. Blake can perfectly imitate a number of wild critters, including Canada geese, wild turkey, elk bulls and cows, and even crickets.

He is also a youngster with a mission, a mission from God. Blake is a member of God's Outdoor Disciples ministry team and feels that God has given him his talent to mimic wild animals as a tool to help spread the gospel.

Listen to him make these wildlife sounds - you'll swear he's using some sort of mechanical device - and hear what he has to say about his own spiritual journey and ministry.

It's kind of refreshing to see a young man with a wholesome purpose in life, but then again, that's the way it is with a lot of young people who are raised in the great outdoors.

His ability to mimic a flock of geese is pretty incredible. His skill at imitating a cow and bull elk could put the best mechanical callers to shame. And if you didn't know better, you'd swear that there's a real dog barking in the arena.

His story about cricket chirps was entertaining. I'm sure as he continues with his abilities and has more experiences using his talents with folks, his repertoire of humorous stories like this will grow.

He's young and his speaking ability is a little nervous and uncertain, but hats off to him for his fearlessness and courage to stand on stage all alone and get his message out there.

This presentation by Blake took place at the Western Kentucky Youth & Family Outdoor Day held at the John Arnold Arena in Sturgis, Kentucky.

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Listen and be Amazed at These Wildlife Calls From a Youngster's Natural Voice