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Rinella Teaches Rogan and Callen Turkey Calling, with Mixed Results [VIDEO]

When Steve Rinella, Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen get together for a hunting trip, expect equal measures of hunting know-how and humor.

The three hunting buddies are after California turkey this time, recording for an episode of "MeatEater." Rinella does his best to show Rogan and Callen the basics of calling in a turkey.

He quickly covers the three main turkey calling methods with the box, slate and diaphragm calls. As expected, the diaphragm call offers the biggest challenge...and most opportunity for silliness.

Rinella concludes, "So, I'll be doing most of the calling."

But in fairness to Rogan, who seemed to have the toughest time learning the diaphragm/mouth call technique, it is a tricky technique to grasp if you've never done it before (I'm right there with you on that one, Joe).

Callen picked it up straight away, and of course made good use of his expertise to make the other fellows laugh.

You can purchase the entire episode, Volume 9, Episode 4: Gobbling: California Turkeys with Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen, from, where "Steve gives Joe and Bryan the A to Z on hunting, butchering, and cooking the wild turkey. Steve caps off the introductory lesson by preparing his favorite turkey recipe: Schnitzel."

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Rinella Teaches Rogan and Callen Turkey Calling, with Mixed Results [VIDEO]