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Video: Here Are the 12 Craziest Creations Ever By the Slingshot Channel

These are the Slingshot Channel's Wackiest creations!

Joerg Sprave, aka the Slingshot Channel Guy on YouTube, is well-known for his crazy homemade weapons.

Some of this stuff takes quite an imagination to conceptualize and build. We've decided to round up some of the crazier and incredibly cool things he's come up with over the years.

12. Weaponized toys

A nerf bow is harmless right? Not after Joerg gets done with it!

11. Weaponized Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

This one is fairly recent. He managed to figure out a way to build a rig on a robotic vacuum cleaner that allows it to hold and shoot a handgun. We're not sure this has a practical purpose, but it's certainly entertaining to watch!

10. Beard Hair Slingshot

Don't underestimate the power of the beard! That's what happened here when he used his beard hair as the basis for a very effective slingshot and ammo. Yes, really. You have to see it to believe it.

9. Biggest slingshot ever

We're not sure if this one was actually a record or not. It has to be darn close. When a slingshot launches bowling balls, you know it's big!

8. Fidget spinner launcher

Talk about the most useless fad of 2017. Luckily, he found a practical use for them, as ammo!

7. Weaponized garden hose

It always blows our mind when he takes the most innocuous, innocent items from around the house and turns them into a weapon. In this case, it's a hose turned into a spear cannon!

6. Lego brick launcher

Leave it to Joerg to find a way to weaponize lego bricks beyond just leaving them on the floor waiting for some unsuspecting barefoot person.

5. Full auto crossbow

Look, we're impressed with anyone who builds their own crossbow. But a homemade, fully-automatic crossbow powered by a cordless drill? That's even more impressive!

4. Six shot speargun

Sometimes he's just not content with owning just a stock version of something and modifies it to make it more powerful. That's the case here, where he turned six spearguns into one multi-shot weapon!

3. Rowing machine ball bearing launcher

Seriously, we can't even imagine how his mind came up with this idea. It's a standard rowing machine, but he turns it into a device where you get a workout and can launch ball bearings at the same time!

2. Sword launcher

Most people would be content with a sword as a hand-to-hand weapon. But not Joerg, he had to make a slingshot that launches them!

1.Eight shot revolver airbow prototype

This one is a mashup of several different weapons and it just looks wicked cool doesn't it?

As you can see, this Joerg has quite the imagination. We can't wait to see what he comes up with in the future to top these creations!