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The Mosasaur 2000 is a 6-Shot Spear Gun

The Mosasaur 2000 is the latest invention of Youtube’s resident mad scientist Joerg Sprave.

The six shot spear gun is based on a piece of artwork the inventor saw. The weapon in the picture was called the Mosasaur Hunter so Joerg decided to call his real life version the Mosasaur 2000.

By using six stock Cressi SL55 spear guns and a little ingenuity, Sprave has created a weapon ready to take on all comers.

Watch the video to see the Mosasaur 2000 in action.

Joerg really seems to love his work, but when your job is building and testing crazy weapons like this one, it would be hard not to.

To see more of Joerg and his handiwork subscribe to the his YouTube channel or visit his website at


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The Mosasaur 2000 is a 6-Shot Spear Gun