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Video: The Slingshot Channel Guy Just Weaponized a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is how Skynet gets started isn't it?

Joerg Sprave, the Slingshot Channel guy, has done it all. Somehow he comes up with something else new and crazy in each video he shares.

This time he found a way to arm a robotic vacuum cleaner. No, we're not kidding! See for yourself in the video below. And yes, the thing still cleans even with its new armament!

I really shouldn't be surprised at this point. We're talking about a man who once weaponized his own beard hair. Taking that into account, outfitting a robotic vacuum cleaner with a gun actually seems somewhat normal by comparison. We think it does anyway...

Yes, this was only an airsoft gun, but it definitely looks like the Glock 17 would definitely fit into the rig. The only question is how well would it hold up to a 9mm recoil? If he's not going to test it, he should send the rig to someone like Demolition Ranch who we're sure would be more than happy to try!

Our only concern is this is how Skynet from the Terminator movies gets started doesn't it? Today it's arming robotic vacuum cleaners and tomorrow is the cybernetic apocalypse!