Veterinarians Reveal the Most Common Dog Names, Based on Their Patients

Whether they're recognizing dog seizure symptoms or identifying how hot is too hot for cats, vets seem to know it all. Not only are they experts when it comes to pet health, but the trusted animal professionals have seen just about every pet name out there. In a viral TikTok video, employees at Alicia Pet Care Center revealed the most common dog names they've encountered in their careers. While the staff at the California clinic offered a range of popular names, there was one clear winner.

In the video, which has amassed more than 17 million views, 11 employees were interviewed. The first technician shared that she believed the most common dog name to be "Bailey," while the next person voted for "Oreo." The following vet, along with four other employees, agreed that the name "Bella" took the prize for the most common dog name. 


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Some staff members said they work with countless pooches called "Max" and "Charlie." Others disclosed that the names "Chloe" and "Honey" are also fan-favorites. So, which dog name really is the most common? At the end of the video, one employee searched the clinic's patient list to set the record straight. With a whopping 253 patients sharing the same moniker, "Bella" was confirmed to be the most common. The name, which has Italian origins, translates to "beautiful" in multiple languages. Seems fitting for all the good girls out there!

In the comment section, viewers agreed with the frequency of dog tags adorned with this particular female name. "As a Bella, I've met more dogs with my name than people so this checks out," one person wrote. Others suggested that the name Luna might be a close second chosen by pet owners. In fact, in a highly requested sequel focused on cat names, the pet care center found that Luna actually reigned supreme for felines. 


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The vet employees followed up by sharing the unique names of their own pets. One vet technician shared that she calls her beloved pup Tommy Fresh. (We're obsessed!) Among the others were the names Figgy, Azula, Squidge, Doom, and Wooly. 


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"Not a single basic name in this household," the clinic wrote in the caption. That's for sure! No matter how common a pet name is, every pawrent knows that their fur baby is one-of-a-kind. 

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