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A Dog Owner Set Up Cameras to See Exactly What Her Pup Does While She's Out

Ever wonder what your pup is doing at home while you're at work or at the gym? Many of us feel terrible leaving the house every morning when that mournful look takes over our pup's face. You know the one! It's a look of pure betrayal that says, "How could you leave me?" while also questioning, "When will you be back back?" It brings on a wave of guilt that almost convinces you your pup needs you at home more than you need to go exercise or earn a living. Since ditching work isn't really an option, dog owners have to assuage our guilt some other way. Usually, it involves buying way too many interactive toys, balls, and treats to fill the day (while we're working to pay for said toys, balls, and treats). Some people even use a pet camera so they can keep an eye on their pup while they're gone. That's exactly what one poodle owner did so she could see what her pet does while she's at the gym.

Biscuit and Waffle are a pair of TikTok-famous toy poodles with more than 335,000 followers. Their videos have garnered over 9 million likes—and it's easy to see why. The two curly-haired pups and their shenanigans are absolutely adorable! But one video that showcases Biscuit's antics when her owner leaves the house is worth watching over and over.


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The viral clip features Biscuit running about the house playing with all the wrong things. She first goes after a tennis shoe, unsuccessfully trying to get it to play with her, before breaking into a fit of the zoomies. The tiny pup runs from one end of the house to the other, slipping and sliding into walls as she goes. It's all fun and games until Biscuit goes for one of the cameras, dragging it by its strap and using it as a toy. Clearly Biscuit has no problem entertaining herself when her human is gone!

"Petition for 24-hour CCTV of Biscuit," one viewer commented. Um, where do we sign?!

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