5 Interactive Dog Toys to Keep Destructive Chewers Occupied

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Dogs love toys, especially when the toys "play" back!

For that, interactive dog toys are the way to go. Many dog toys are passive, meaning all the action comes from the dog. The toy is chewed, pawed, dragged, shaken. The activity is all one way, which is definitely not the ideal playtime scenario.

But some dog toys respond to your pooch. The best interactive dog toys squeak, dispense treats, move and more. Of course, any toy can be made interactive if you are playing with your dog. Parent and pupper bonding time is always the ideal way to play, but when life gets in the way, you need a fall back.

Best Interactive Dog Toys

Pet Querks Babble Ball

A ball with a line of banter! This toy has a repertoire of 20 wisecracks. When your dog touches it, even slightly, the jokes commence. Honestly, it'll entertain you too. It also serves as a chew toy. It comes in small, medium, and large.

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail

The tale of this tail includes unpredictable wobbling, wiggling, vibrating, barking, jumping...and one happy hound. Any boredom will be busted by this electrifying plaything.

Boqui Interactive Dog Toy Bone

Download the IOS or Android app to operate this bad boy for your good boy (or girl). Put it on preset or manual on your Bluetooth device—and then the fun begins! You can opt for maneuvers like roll forward, back flip, shake, back flip, and quick spin. Up-to-date technology gives your canine companion good old fashioned fun.

ZippyPaws Hide and Seek Log and Chipmunks 

This ZippyPaws dog toy challenges your dog to locate and extract one, two or three squeaky chipmunks from their tree log lair. This toy is made of fleece and is machine washable. Alas, the trio of chipmunks do not squeak The Christmas Song, but no one can stop you from shouting 'Alvin!' as your pupper plays.

Fringe Studio Avocado Dog Toy

Keep your avocado toast all to yourself while your dog has a ball with these plush replicas from Fringe Dog Toys. Stuffed with fluff, these three fruits have enticing squeakers. They may not make guac, but your dog will think they really rock.

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