Dogs Can't Get Enough of Their DIY Ball Pits

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Treat Your Pet To the Best Day of Their Life With A DIY Ball Pit! 

We have seen playgrounds for goats and dogs living their best lives lounging around swimming pools, but have you seen a dog playing in a ball pit? I haven't been in a ball pit since elementary school, but I remember the enjoyment it gave me. It's no surprise that our furry friends full of energy are getting a kick out of ball pits for dogs. Interactive dog toys come in all shapes and sizes and are loads of fun (in ways you and I can't even imagine), but many owners are building their own DIY ball pits, turning playtime into a colorful, fun-filled event that is going to be hard to top at your next trip to the toy aisle.

If you're curious what dogs look like in ball pits, check out this video of a dog owner surprising their pet dog Maymo with a ball pool for his birthday!

This owner got creative and made a playpen from their living room furniture — which is a pretty impressive DIY method. If you have a large living room, you can give this a try, but for others, I suggest buying a kiddie pool and plastic balls. Here's what you need to DIY your own ball pit at home:

1. A Pack of 100 Pit Balls for Under $20

Crush'N'Play Crush-Proof Pit Balls with Mesh Storage

Crush'N'Play Crush-Proof Pit Balls with Mesh Storage - Amazon, $16.99

Any playful dog —  from French Bulldogs to Golden Retrievers — will love playing in their new play pit for the first time when these come rolling out! These pit balls are our top pick because they're crush-proof, BPA-free, and come in a storage bag. They're available in a 50-pack and a pack of 400 as well.

2. An Affordable & Foldable Dog Pool 

Jasonwell Foldable Pet Bath Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Pet Pool - Amazon, $26.99

Pet swimming pools are perfect for ball pits! We love this one because it's foldable and doesn't require inflation, so you can have the pit set-up in seconds, and then you can simply store it away when you're done. It also comes in a larger size for $45. Of course, it also makes a great pool for hot summer days, so it's a good investment when your dogs need to stay cool.

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3. An All-In-One Kit 

Kiddey Kids Ball Pit Play Tent

Kiddey Kid Ball Pit Play Tent with 100 included balls - Amazon, $39.99

We obviously love the DIY option, but if you have small or medium-sized dogs and don't think you'd get much use out of a dog pool in the summer, try this all-in-one kit that comes with 100 balls and a small zip-up play tent.

This post was originally published on February 10, 2020.

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