biggest carp

They're Calling This Fish the Biggest Carp Ever Caught in Britain

I'm no expert, but I'd believe this was the biggest carp ever caught just about anywhere. 

Carp fishing has really caught on in the U.S. over the last few years. In fly fishing circles, next to trout, it just might be one of the most sought after freshwater fish for the real hardcore fly guys. However, in Europe, the carp has been king for a while. As a matter of fact, it's the prize game fish most people chase. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, this is what many are saying is the biggest carp ever caught in the U.K.

Weighing in at 68 pounds, 8 ounces, this thing would be a tank carp just about anywhere carp swim. The world-record carp weighed in at just over 75 pounds. That beast of a fish was caught in France back in 1987. Even though his recent fish caught by Nigel Ludbrook was rather huge, it still pales in comparison the undisputed king. 

Many people that fish carp like to keep their baits and lures a secret. However, Ludbrook had no problem sharing with the world what bait brought this giant fish to shore. It's actually fairly common and you could buy it just about anywhere. So, if you want to catch the biggest carp in your lake, just get a hunk of white chocolate. I mean, it worked for him.