deer hunting neighbor

Would Your Deer Hunting Neighbors Do This?

You can't choose your deer hunting neighbors. Hopefully you get this lucky, though.

A story went through our hunting neck of the woods last year regarding some terrible deer hunting neighbors. These two hunters hunted side by side for years. However, they never really spoke to each other and accused each other of trespassing on their respective properties. Nobody knew if it was true or not, but they loved telling anybody who would listen.

Well, one day, one of the hunters shot a big buck that died on the other's property. When the hunter went to his neighbor to ask permission to get it, permission was denied and he was accused of shooting it on his property. That man then grabbed his ATV, picked it up and put it on his landowner tag.

Thankfully, there are other deer hunting neighbors like the two featured below. This sort of stuff is what we need more of.

This is the good stuff right here.

"He was nice enough to drag it over to our property and lay it in the trail for me and called and told us where he put him!," MIBUCKPOLE wrote in the Facebook post.

Share this article. Hopefully, it sets a positive example of how we should act as deer hunters.