There is Great Trout Fishing in Australia. Who Knew?

I honestly wasn't aware of this, but I want to go visit!

I know all about the great trout fishing New Zealand has to offer. I'm also fairly certain there aren't any animals in New Zealand that can kill you. On the other than hand, in nearby Australia, there are a lot of animals that can kill you and would be happy doing it. Perhaps that's why it's so overlooked when it comes to fly fishing for trout.

With this in mind, just check out this amazing footage from an Aussie trout guide and his client putting in work and making it look easy. This might be all the proof you need that Australian trout fishing is no joke.


I've watched a lot of television. I was fairly certain a crocodile was going to eat one of them at any moment. I'm sort of surprised one didn't. In the end though, they did catch a lot of trout.

I'd love to visit Australia someday, and knowing there is some top-notch fly fishing in some top-notch trout streams makes me want to go even more.