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5 Best Places to go Luxury Camping This Fall (Is This Really Camping?)

There's camping, then there luxury camping. You won't believe the difference. 

I think it's safe to say that most of us would agree that spending the night in crisp autumn air around a campfire is wonderful. The only way to top it off might be finishing off some moonshine and then crawling into a warm sleeping bag in a tent underneath the stars.

Well, for some of us, this is also considered the fifth layer of hell. That's why when those people camp, they go luxury camping.

If you didn't know something like this existed, get ready to have your mind blown.

5. Oakwood Escape

Located between Canborough and Dunnville on the Niagara Peninsula in Canada, here is your opportunity to really get away from it all and relax.

No pricing information is available on their website, so that may cause anxiety if you book a night, but there are worse things to worry about.

One decent aspect to Oakwood Escape is that you actually cook for yourself. So even though you are in the lap of luxury, you still have to take care of yourself, just a little. 

4. Sequoia High Sierra Camp

California has a lot to offer. If you want to go luxury camping like none other, the Sequoia High Sierra Camp is for you.

At an average of around $250 per night, you get a whole heck of a lot. Here you can enjoy solidarity, wildlife viewing, campfire activity, and your own private luxury tent with meals included. It's hard to get much better.

3. Elements Luxury Tented Camps

When the word "luxury" is actually in the title, you know you are going to be in good shape. For around $500 a night, this is how you do it at Elements.

Meals are included but they are prepared by a chef and placed in your tent for you to make yourself. You can also enjoy a private yoga session, SUP lessons, white water rafting, and trail hiking all included in your stay.

2. Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort

So you want your own private 80,000 acres to explore? For up to $10,000 for seven days, you got it.

This is a true wilderness experience with an operating horse farm on this private dude ranch. You also get to enjoy 5-star, 100% organic cuisine, lavish accommodations, and personalized itineraries for all the activities with your own private guide. This isn't your ordinary camping experience.

1. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

In order for you to get to your tent, you need a seaplane at Clayoquot. All your meals are included, as prepared by a 5-star gourmet chef, a spa is nearby, and a helicopter will take you to once-in-a-lifetime fishing opportunities.

Located on Vancouver Island, off British Columbia, this is an experience like none other.

For an average price of $10,000 on the low end up to $17,000 on the high end for a week long stay, you better save up.