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Fishermen Save Brown Bear Cubs From Drowning in a Lake

brown bear cubs

Thank to these quick-thinking fishermen, these brown bear cubs made it out alright. 

Just when you think the world is on a one-way track to no way back, a video like this comes along that refreshes our faith in humanity. In a video that just melts your heart when you watch it, some quick-thinking fishermen sure save the day. As you are about to see, two brown bear cubs get rescued in amazing fashion. Thankfully, these guys were out there on the water when this whole thing went down. Otherwise, Russia would have found themselves two fewer bears.

According to one report about this video, one of the fishermen said he saw the entire thing unfold. The mother seemingly overestimated the strength of the two brown bear cubs and took off out into the lake. The cubs were right behind her but started to lag behind. Unfortunately, the mother just kept on going and left the two cubs behind. It was at that point the two men sprung into action.

The rest, as they say, is now social media history.


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Fishermen Save Brown Bear Cubs From Drowning in a Lake