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The Trophy Buck That Was Killed on the Highway in Oklahoma

There isn't a hunter on this planet that would have passed on this one. 

It's always a shame when a trophy buck is found dead from some disease. It's equally as bad when you hear stories of a monster that was hit on the side of road.

That was the case recently out in Edmond, Oklahoma when a 28-point giant was struck by a motorist. It wasn't until the next morning when the Edmond residents discovered the brute.

They quickly notified Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to take care of the animal. 

As it was recorded by an official Boone and Crockett scorer, this true trophy buck came in at 236 3/8 inches. Normally, I hold the scores of trophy bucks taken by hunters in an effort to promote the true spirit of hunting, but seeing as a Dodge or Chevy did the deed, no harm, no foul

With little doubt, this is one of the largest bucks ever seen in Oklahoma. With that in mind, the state plans to use these antlers for display and educational purposes.

Goodness gracious, that is one magnificent deer. Hopefully we all see one like it during deer season this year!