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You've Got to Check Out These See-Through Suppressor Shots

see-through suppressor

These might be the first see-through suppressor shots ever recorded on video. 

Soteria Suppressors makes some impressive stuff. As you are about to see, a they've modified a heavy dose of their lineup with an acrylic shell so we can see exactly what happens you fire a bullet. It's pretty incredible to see all the gas inside the suppressor expand, contrast and then eventually leave the barrel. 

When you fire a shot through a suppressor, it happens so fast that it's hard to imagine what's actually happening. However, with the help of some super-slow-motion camera work, these things take on a whole new life.

Okay, is that what you thought took place inside a suppressor? The design work, coupled with the physics, is absolutely incredible. When the host mentioned how cool this video was going to be, I didn't actually believe it. However, I have to admit, this was pretty awesome to see.

Before this video, besides the obvious, did you actually know what a silencer actually does and how they work? Well...the more you know.


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You've Got to Check Out These See-Through Suppressor Shots