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Massive Elk Could be New Record in Nebraska

John Rickard

Would you believe this is the hunter's first-ever elk taken by bow? 

John Rickard was hunting near Chadron, Nebraska, when the stars aligned and he was able to get a shot at the elk of a lifetime. After everything was over, it took six full-grown men and two hours to get the elk out of the woods. Currently, the rack's green score firmly puts this elk at number two all-time in the state for a bull taken with a bow. However, after the drying period, it very well could take the top spot.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission posted this video to break it all down.

Monster Nebraska Elk

Once officially scored, John Rickard might hold a new state record!

Posted by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Below are a few pictures that Rickard posted to his Facebook page. As you can see, this is one heck of a bull. What makes Rickard's shot even more impressive is how close he had to be to take this thing with a bow.

Posted by John Rickard on Sunday, September 17, 2017

As you can see, that isn't a forced perspective picture either.

Posted by John Rickard on Sunday, September 17, 2017

Okay, so maybe that one is a little forced. Come on, though, who cares? It's a huge elk! Either way, Rickard deserves all the praise coming his way for controlling his nerves enough to take a shot on a bull elk that size.

Stay tuned, as we'll know for a sure if this is in fact a new record here in the next few months. No matter what, it's a big elk and an incredible accomplishment. Whatever this elk scores is secondary to that.


Massive Elk Could be New Record in Nebraska