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Man Catches New Minnesota Flathead Catfish Record

Minnesota record flathead catfish

Who knew Minnesota had catfish this big? 

The St. Croix River is home to monsters. Just ask Mark Mosby from St. Anthony, Minnesota, and he'll tell you. Just recently, he caught a catfish so big it would have made Jeremy Wade a little nervous. According to the report, the flathead catfish measured 52.5 inches long. This catch-and-release record would be considered pretty big just about anywhere.

Minnesota flathead catfish record

Since Minnesota has initiated its catch-and-release program, records are being registered and broken seemingly all the time. However, this flathead catfish release record might stick around a while. Registering in with a 32-inch girth, weight calculations put it somewhere between 70 and 80 pounds. However, since catch-and-release records only go by overall length, the weight is considered secondary.


Man Catches New Minnesota Flathead Catfish Record