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Did a Killer Whale Charge a Surfer During Competition in Norway?

killer whale

Was this killer whale hunting a human? The experts say otherwise. 

So, if we needed another reason to be terrified to go in the ocean, here you go.

Apparently, killer whales are developing a taste for humans. Well, not exactly. As you are about to see, a surfing competition was taking place in Norway when a pod of killer whales can be seen cruising the shoreline. Then, all of a sudden, one of the killer whales b-lines straight for a surfer but turns off at the last possible moment.

It's hard to see, but if you watch the surfer on the right, you'll see a black rush of water head straight for him, then he puts his hands in the air celebrating his close call. Just watch. This could have turned out a heck of lot differently.

Did you see it? It was quick but it was right at the seven second mark. Now, you may think that was an attack. However, experts disagree.

"Based on group size and behavior, we have no doubt saying that these orcas were searching for seal prey," said the Norwegian Orca Survey in a statement. "Fortunately, orcas use echolocation to better investigate their habitat and prey. It is likely that the charging orca realized, at the very last second that the surfer was not a seal, and so took a sharp turn and moved away."

It seems the surfer was never in any real danger. However, if that killer whale was fooled thinking that surfer was seal for a few more seconds, he might have been hurting.


Did a Killer Whale Charge a Surfer During Competition in Norway?